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FFP2 Face Masks and Face Visors Update


We have stock available of  FFP2 masks and Full Face visors 

As per the recent government announcement from 1st May until 31st July 2020  PPE sold by Steri Products and our sister company Dental Hygienics will be zero rated therefore Vat free.

For more information or to place your order of face masks or visors please contact our customer services team on 01787 877877

Washer / Disinfector Monitoring

Washer / Disinfector Monitoring
Cleaning Efficacy System For the monitoring of soil removal   Cost effective method for monitoring soil removal Conforms to recommendations in EN ISO 15883 Synthetic CEIs conform to EN ISO 15883-5 Realistically challenges the process Easy to interpret Instant result Includes CEI box and ..
A test performed before your sterilisation process to ensure your instruments are completely free from blood and saliva (forms of protein) this prevents cross contamination.Conforms to recommendations in EN ISO 15883 Results within 10 seconds Easy to use – no incubation required Clear colour change ..
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